Department leader:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mário Molokáč
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-124
E-mail: mario.molokac@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 3131

His research in geotourism is focused on geoparks from their preparation, through their implementation to their management and the promotion of the general public. He is a member of the “Interdepartmental Commission of the Network of Geoparks of the Slovak Republic “, which has the status of an advisory organization of the Minister of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, he is also a consultant for the geopark of Novograd-Nógrad. He realizes his research activities within intentions of montaneous history and montaneous historical geography. He is a specialist in historical mining maps. Based on archive documents, he creates digital maps and 3D model of historical mining locations and mining phenomena using PC techniques. His historical digital outputs allow not only the selection of new information but also mutual topic and content-based comparison within individual time horizons. His famoust works focuses on the application of historical mining routes in mountain tourism, Salt Routes in Slovakia in the Middle Ages, Possibilities of Defining Cultural Routes Based on the Mining Heritage of Eastern Slovakia and the surrounding regions.As a member of the project team, he is involved in the European project called Virtual Mine and the APVV project called Development of an interactive business intelligence system to support complex decision making and planning in the tourism market conditions.


Dr. h. c. Prof. Dr. Pavol Rybár
Park Komenského 19, door nr. 122
E-mail: pavol.rybar@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2800


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ladislav Mixtaj
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-123
E-mail: ladislav.mixtaj@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2899

Employed at workplace  since 2007,  devoted  to the wide  area of marketing and management of tourist destinations from the very beginning,   conducting research in the  preconditions of  successful tourism in the given territory.  His theoretical knowledge  made use of both in education and publication. Practical skills applied in developing the concept of marketing and management strategies for newly  formed destinations of geo-tourism  on the territory  of Slovakia. Member of the Gemer  County Mining  Association  called
Bratstvo residing in the city of Rožňava where active  in the area of preserving  mining traditions and  strat-ups for mountain tourism in the  Spiš-Gemer region.  On days off, devoted to mountain tourism, searching for mining attles in the Upper-Gemer region.  Background of expereience made good use of both at  extending theoretical knowledge and practical skills with focus on educational process.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erik Weiss
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-123
E-mail: erik.weiss@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2899

He graduated the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Košice in 2003 in the following fields: Finance, Banking and Investment. Postgraduate studies at BERG Faculty, BERG Department, Department of Business and Management, Department: Bearing and Geotechnics, 2005. He defended the habilitation work in 2011 – in the field of study of “Obtaining and processing of land resources”. Present – associate professor at the Technical University in Košice, BERG Faculty, Institute of Earth Resources, Department of Geo and Mountain Tourism. Areas of interest include financial analysis in tourism businesses as well as tourism planning in the destination, destination and region.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roland Weiss
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-121
E-mail: roland.weiss@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2332

He graduated the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Košice in 2009 in the following fields: Finance, Banking and Investment, and the BERG 2008 faculty in the field of Acquisition and Processing of Land Resources. The dissertation thesis was defended at Fakulte BERG Technical University of Košice in 2011 in the field of acquisition and processing of earth resources. Habilitation work was defended in 2014 at Faculty of Mining and Geology VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. Present – Associate Professor at the Technical University in Košice, BERG Faculty, Institute of Earth Resources, Department of Geo and Mountain Tourism. Areas of interest are business risks in the field of tourism, intercultural communication. It also addresses the logistics process that is taking place in tourism.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ľubomír Štrba
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-120
E-mail: lubormir.strba@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2442

Ľubomír Štrba, a guarantor of the first (Bachelor) level of the study programme Geotourism, intensively focuses mainly on identification of geological heritage and various approaches of its assessment with the potential of its use within specific tourism forms as e.g. geotourism and mining tourism and their development. Moreover, a subject of his interest is the protection of abiotic part of nature and presenting knowledge about the geology of Earth to the general public with special emphasis on understanding the position and importance of abiotic part within the whole system of the environment.

He is a member of the European Association of the Conservation of the Geological Heritage (ProGEO), Slovak Geological Society (SGS) and managing editor of the scientific journal Acta Geoturistica.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ladislav Hvizdák
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-104
E-mail: ladislav.hvizdak@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2664

Ladislav Hvizdák is focused on the use of the IS mainly on the basis of GIS in modeling the historical montane landscape. Creating 2D and 3D models and historical research of the landscape for geotourism needs. Interestingly, various interactive forms of presentation of 2D and 3D models through modern techniques (stereoscopy, holography, …)


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Branislav Kršák
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-104
E-mail: branislav.krsak@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2664

Assistant Professor at the Geo and Mountaineering Tourism Department of the Faculty of Mining, Management and Geotechnology specializing in tourism development through the implementation of innovative information and communication technologies. His experience is reflected in international contributions targeted mainly on information and communication technologies in tourism. He has actively participated in more than 40 projects. He has 15 years of project manager experience.

Dipl.-Ing. Bartolomej Baláž, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-125
E-mail: bartolomej.balaz@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2930

Dr. Bartolomej Baláž finished his study of mining engineering  in 1980 as mining geologist. Thereafter  he worked as assistant profesor at the Department of Geology (Faculty BERG TU), which was transformed to the present Dept. of Geo and Mining  Tourism. His previous orientation on petrography and mineral deposits problematic diverted to the protection of anorganic  nature components (geological heritage) and their utilisation in geotourism.

Dipl.-Ing. Ján Derco, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-119
E-mail: jan.derco@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2443

Ján Derco (http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4536-4898) is a Lecturer and Researcher. His research interests include destination management and spa tourism. He graduated from the master’s program at the Faculty of Economics (Technical University of Kosice) in 2003. He wrote his dissertation at the Faculty BERG (Technical University of Kosice). He gained work experience in the financial control and government audit. He is a member of the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST), St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Dipl.-Ing. Slavomír Drevko, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-105
E-mail: slavomir.drevko@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 3298

1983 – 1991 – Primary School, Komenského, Spišská Nová Ves
1991 – 1995 – High School, kpt. Ján Nálepka, Spišská Nová Ves
1996 – 1997 – Compulsory military service in the VU 5949 Pezinok
1997 – 2002 – Faculty of BERG, TU Košice
2002 – engineer of environmental technologies (Ing.)
2002 – 2005 – doctoral studies at the Department of Mineralurgy and Environmental Technologies
2005 – Assistant Professor at the Department of Geotourism
2007 – submission of a dissertation thesis and becoming a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)
2014 – completed university pedagogical studies (PaeDr.)
Present – Assistant Professor at the Technical University in Košice, BERG Faculty,
Institute of Earth Resources, Department of Geo and Mining Tourism

Language skills: Czech, German, English, Russian
Computer skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Access
The Chairman of the Barbora Committee, The Head of OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) at OGaMT

Dipl.-Ing. Jana Rybárová, PhD.

Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Hlavňová, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-105
E-mail: barbara.hlavnova@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 3298

Is an assistant professor with teoretical knowledge and practical experience in a field of management and marketing, she is a graduate of the Technical university of Košice in a field Earth Resources winnig and utilisation, the focus of her dissertation thesis were assessment models of the geoturism potential and system model of geopromotion.

Dr. Pavel Hronček, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-125
E-mail: pavel.hroncek@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2930

PaedDr. Pavel Hronček, PhD., in his research activities, focuses on the history of the landscape and human activities in natural environment in past, with special emphasis on montaneous landscape. Is conducting systematic research and analysis of historical landscape structures of Slovakia using historical maps of three military mappings and historic maps at all. Evaluation of the historical landscape structure is used for comparisons focused on the genesis of historical landscape structures and historical montaneous landscape changes. Based on methods of environmental history and historical-geographical research, he assesses the influence of anthropogenic activities on elements of environment and tracks their transformations in individual time horizons. His research activities are predominantly focused on the history of montaneous landscape in the region of middle and east Slovakia. It also examines anthropogenic shapes and anthropogenic relief processes with emphasis on mining locality. It is dealt with in detail of typology and methodological analysis of underground montaneous and pseudomontaneous relief forms. He has been researching for the long term of history of mining, history of mining processes, history of mining landscape and problems in branch of history science and technique. Historical research is based on systematic archival research of text and image (maps) documents. All results of his research are acquired and verified on the basis of systematic research. In his areas of their scientific interest, they published two dozen monographs and more than hundred original scientific works at home and abroad. Many studies were published in journals indexed in databases Current Contents, Web of Science and SCOPUS.

MSc. Marián Lukáč, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-120
E-mail: marian.lukac@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2442


He graduated field of study History and Philosophy. He provides currently in The Department of Geo and Mountain Tourism teaching of the subjects of Slovak History, Cultural Monuments of Slovakia, Field Trip etc. The professional interest focuses on various aspects of the history of Slovakia, the cultural heritage of Slovakia and the legal regulation of tourism. Previously cooperated with the Institute of Social Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and worked in the Grant Committee of the Regional Tourism Organization of the Košice Region.

Dipl.-Ing. Daniela Marasová, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-121
E-mail: daniela.marasova.2@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2332

Dipl.-Ing. Dana Tometzová, PhD.
Němcovej 32, door nr. B-119
E-mail: dana.tometzova@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2443

Dipl.-Ing. Dana Tometzová, PhD. – is a graduate of The Technical university of Kosice, in the field of „Geotourism“. The focus of her dissertation was on reservoir sustainability and sustainable management in geotourism, which is also the field of her current research. Spa tourism and geothermal and mineral water in geotourism has been widely covered in her publications. She currently works as an assistant professor in  the Department of Geo and Mining tourism (Faculty of Mining, ecology, process control and geotechnology, Technical university of Kosice, Slovakia).

PhD students

Dipl.-Ing. Michal Starec (study interrupted)
Park Komenského 19, door nr. 73
E-mail: michal.starec@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2436

Dipl.-Ing. Mária Drevková
Park Komenského 19, door nr. 73
E-mail: maria.majorosova@tuke.sk
Phone: +421 55 602 2436

Ing. Mária Drevková – She currently works as an internal doctoral student at the Department of Geo and Mountain Tourism F BERG, TUKE Košice. She graduated from the Geotourism Department at the Technical University in Košice. In his dissertation he deals with the Slovak bearings and their potential in the area of using their useful components in the process of storage of energy gases under cryogenic conditions. Its publishing activity is oriented mainly on non-commodity raw materials – zeolites, bentonites.