Currently solved projects


Development of interactive business intelligence system to support complex decision-making and planning in market conditions for tourism

Kršák Branislav, Ing., PhD.


The solution of the Ukrainian question in Slovakia during the socialist experiment

Lukáč Marián, Mgr.


Olders projects

Mining route Upper Mountain Mining Towns / Barangolás and felsómagyarországi bányavárosok útjain /, Cross-Border Cooperation Program Republic of Hungary – Slovak Republic 2007 – 2013 Identification Number HU-SK 09/01 / 1.3.2. Beginning of Project 2011, Completion of 2013 Project.

Center for Research on the Efficiency of Integrated Combined Renewable Energy Sources (VUKONZE). Operational Program Research and Development. Support for research and development. Transfer of knowledge and technology acquired through research and development into practice. IP Code: OPVaV 2009 / 2.2 / 02-SORO. Beginning of Project 2009, End of Project 2013.